Dominate the Wind (EP)

by Exthenia

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Music by Mikael Weckström & Juho Raita
Lyrics by Mikael Weckström
Released in 6/2013
(C) Exthenia


released May 21, 2013



all rights reserved


Exthenia Pori, Finland

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Track Name: Dominate the Wind
Wind is blowing from the darkness
Those deadly cold waves pushing towards
It's leaving chaos on the ground
Hoping storm is left behind

Wind is raging, sending threat from the sky
It's making everything lifeless
I got a darkened sign
I have to stop this all sacrificing myself

Mist descends to the ground
Through the cold freeze
I have lost my hope
Wind, reveal your wings
Show your face and flee
I need to dominate, dominate the wind

After storm the world is silent
Now waiting for the next deadly wave
Time is running out to avoid the storm
Dominate the wind

Track Name: Falling Down
In the nighttime
Running alone this dark road
No place to go
Starving and freezing at outdoor

Traces of suffering
Are starting to appear
Pressures revolving
Around my head

I'm falling down and nobody helps
Now I know the meaning of this all
I'm screaming my last words
But there is nobody listening me

I barely can stand
I'm feeling weak
The desire to give up
Is growing high

Track Name: Eternal Spirit
I come from another world
Name beaten in a cursed page
Haunting, living in shadows
There is no way to heal me

I live dead through my whole life
I am chained in this soul
Bound in this body
No looking back in the past

Eternal spirit
Live, die, forever fly
In the deepest dreams in your life
Forced to live
Dark, lethal, unseen
It took the life of this land

Because of this cursed, decayed book
I am suffering death alive
No dreams of the previous life
I am stuck, please free me

I come from another world
Name beaten in a cursed page
I must live my life
I'll be always haunting you

Chorus x2
Track Name: Disappointment
Hey! Get out of my sight
I don't need your advise
How dare you walk to my ground
One word and you're dead

I believed you
In your lies
Now I believe into your demise

Your days are over
Don't come to beg me betrayer
An eye for an eye
A lie to your demise

You did a big mistake
Run while you still can
After your debt
You will suffer in your grave

You can't keep hiding from me
Your day shall come

Track Name: Death Within
As my desire fall down (down)
Deep fear and anguish are filling my soul
I'm crying for you (you)
In this circle of hate
Dismal night into dawn of the day
As my life's blood drains away (away)
It leaves me a lost display
Get me out from this pain

The silence within me
Leads to the routes unknown
There is no coming back
No coming back from this bad dream

Real things leads me to astray
When I try to rest
My dream will appear as a nightmare
And it will make our world end

Share the pain with me
Release the devil from the chains
Forget the good dreams
Let it take your life
You can't run away
It will follow you till death

I'm feeling this all in my veins (veins)
My world, covered with shades
It pierces my soul (soul)
But won't leave me alone
By the scars from the moments of the past
Fear and anguish are getting stronger
I'm suffering inside my dream
This is the death within!

Chorus x2